Screen Printing

Some people think that all t shirts with images are screen printed. 

While other technology is available, Screen Printing remains one of the most important methods of garment decoration available.

With Screen Printing though, each colour uses a specific “Screen” that the ink passes through and onto the garment.  Some shirts use multiple colours but the down side of screen printing is that each colour has a set-up cost. 

This set-up cost makes Screen Printing not really cost effective for low print runs or customised garments such as peoples names. 

For one or two colour logos with high print run numbers Screen Printing is the perfect solution and is very cost effective.

Quality T Shirts has the ability to screen print your garments in single or multiple colour prints. For every job we do, we evaluate how we will produce the garment giving you the options that provide the best printed result as well as best price option.

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